Discover Beirut – Part I: Visible Archaeology

Beirut is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the Middle East, and archaeological excavations have over the years uncovered remains dating to various periods of its occupation. The ancient city of Beirut was restricted mainly to the current downtown area. Although some historical remains had been exposed earlier, the most significant archaeological work in … More Discover Beirut – Part I: Visible Archaeology

The Lebanese Rocket Society

February has been a big month for space exploration. NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars and the UAE’s Hope probe entered Mars’ orbit earlier on the 9th. This shone a light on the UAE’s trailblazing initiative in the Arab World and the Middle East. As we celebrate this achievement, it is worth remembering that the UAE was actually not the first country in the region to have shown ambition for space exploration. … More The Lebanese Rocket Society

Wounds of Beirut

Beirut is reeling from a massive blast that hit its port. Lebanon is struggling from years of mismanagement and corruption. The country is on the verge of collapse and at an important crossroads. Decisions made during this period will ultimately determine its future. Only time will tell what type of tomorrow awaits Beirut and Lebanon. But one thing’s for sure – by ignoring the past, a better future cannot be built. … More Wounds of Beirut