The Wandering Native

Welcome to the blog, Reader!

This blog has been a long time coming – years, in fact. But it is here at last! This space is part of an outreach initiative that aims to share the archaeology, history and traditions of my native region, the Near East (broadly speaking), with the general public – both the local and the more distant. Important research has been undertaken on this part of the world, yet most of the findings have not been communicated in a manner relevant to non-specialist audiences. This blog sets out to bridge this gap with the academic and jargon-laden world. After all, what is the purpose of extensive research if it is not shared with the people that stand to benefit from it the most?

This written platform was also developed for personal reasons. Themes linked to heritage, culture and identity have always intrigued me, and anyone familiar with the Near East will attest to its rich yet complex history. This blog will be a way for me to document my own exploration of the region, as well as an avenue through which to order my own thoughts on its past and on the mosaic identities that make up the region today.

So here’s to wandering together, and to discovering the many tales this land has to tell!

Map: Region in focus.